The 1st Hampton Hill Sea Scout Group is part of the Richmond-upon-Thames District Scouting organisation and is one of the few Sea Scouts groups in South West London. We also form part of the Greater London South West County of The Scout Association

Leaders The Group is led by our Group Scout Leader, Tony Davies. It is organised and administered by an executive committee, The current members are listed below. Contact with the Group can be made by mail to the address shown on the Contact page.

  • Chairperson
  • Group Scout Leader
  • Explorer Leader
  • Explorer Assistant Leader
  • Scout Leader
  • Scout Assistant Leader
  • Cub leader
  • Cub Assistant Leader
  • Cub Assistant Leader
  • Beaver Leader
  • Beaver Assistant Leader
  • Beaver Assistant Leader
  • Squirrel Leader
  • Squirrel Assistant Leader
  • Squirrel Assistant Leader
  • Group Treasurer
  • Group Secretary

  • Adam Hallsworth
    Tony Davies
    Edward Davies
    Jeff Smith
    Elaine Davies
    Jeff Talbot
    Camille Lobjoit
    Louise Lobjoit
    Aaron Gibbons-Mirat
    Jeff Smith
    Katy Sweetman
    Lucy Soleri
    Hannah French
    Dominic Evans
    Clare Taylor-Gold


    The 1st Hampton Hill Sea Scout Group is a registered charity, registered with the Charity Commissioners as Charity number 273220. The date of first registration was 13 April 1977. For details, check the Charity Commission official website. The Trustees for the purposes of the Charity Commission are Adam G. Hallsworth, Anthony Davies, Dominic Evans, and Susan Pearson. Subscriptions can be paid with the benefit of Gift Aid, enabling the Group to reclaim from the Inland Revenue an extra 28% of the amount you pay. All funds received from members go either towards the cost of running and maintaining the Headquarters building and the Boathouse and of the events and activities in which members take part, or towards the costs of running the District headquarters.

    Good behaviour

    The 1st Hampton Hill Sea Scout Group has a code of discipline and good behaviour which must be observed by members at all times during weekly meetings, during boating sessions, or when on Group property or in Group uniform. If a member misbehaves, consistently refuses reasonable requests or causes damage to Group property or injury to fellow members or to Leaders, the Committee reserves the right to request the member in question to cease membership immediately.