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The centre of activity of the 1st Hampton Hill Sea Scout Group is the spacious Headquarters Hut in Station Road, Hampton.

Inside the Hut

This is presented in the form of the interior of a naval ship, with a ship's bell, a mast, and flags raised during formal Meetings. The spacious main hall provides lots of space and storage for indoor games and other scouting activities. Off the main hall there is:

  • Wardroom, containing historical items from the Group's past, including certificates of success in District competitions, etc, examples of correct naval knots, badges available to workfor, the Certificate of Royal Naval Recognition. This also serves as the Executive Committee's meeting room;

  • Galley, spacious and fitted with numerous storage units, cooking and washing facilities, fridge, meat slicer, microwave;

  • Quartermaster's Store, containing buoyancy aids, and quantities of other materials and equipment used for boating days, for Camp, and for repairing/maintaining the boating equipment, the Hut and the Boat House.

  • Bosun's Locker, containing stocks of uniform, flags, records,and much other material.

  • loft store, packed with tents and fulsome equipment for Camp, for Twickeree, for long-boat weekends.


    Externally, there are grounds where fire-lighting can be practised, barbecues held and games take place, leading to a field at the rear used for sports activities.

    Boat House

  • The secondary centre of the Group's activities is the Boat House, on the north bank of the Thames at Hampton. This houses large quantities of boating equipment, kayaks, canoes, spray decks, dinghies, masts, fenders, winches, plus a gig, all in excellent condition. There are facilities here for launching kayaks, and mooring dinghies, etc, plus an area around the boathouse for visitors to relax and/or hold a barbecue. In summer months, boating is held here weekly one weekend half day, and often the weekly Tuesday evening meeting takes the form of a boating session as well. Family Boating Days take place on a Sunday, with barbecue, usually 3 or 4 times a year. Group members and visitors are allowed on the water in Group craft only when accompanied by a qualified instructor. Full insurance is held by the Group on all equipment and for the liability of members and Leaders of the Group towards each other, towards visitors and members of the public.